The fall season’s harshness starts to set in. Dropping temperature, rain, and high winds all can impact your fireplace and chimney. Before you begin to relax by your fireplace, you should never delay it anymore and have it checked and cleaned. Below are typical chimney problems you should pay attention to:? 

Flue crack? 

Chimney liners play a vital role. The?chimney flue?regulates or contains the creosote, gases, and heat. A professional chimney contractor will check the flue as he/she will look for spalls, deterioration, or cracks. If you have not replaced your chimney flue or repaired it ever since then you must have it inspected before you attempt to utilize your fireplace.? 

Exterior chimney masonry? 

Mortal helps to prevent the elements from reaching into your property. Once the mortar gets compromised, it only means that the mortar has cracks, deteriorated, have developed, the bricks have started to change, cold air or rainwater has a visible path?inside. The contractor will inspect your chimney’s exterior to make sure that your mortar and brick’s condition is still good and intact.? 

Chimney crown and chimney cap? 

The chimney crown and cap are situated at the top of the chimney, making it the first line of defense from furry critters, debris, or weather. The professional contractor will see to it that your chimney cap is in position. Also, he/she will inspect for possible deterioration or cracks in the chimney crown.? 

Chimney blockage? 

If you have not utilized your fireplace or chimney about a year or more, it would be recommended for you to have it checked by the experts. There could possibly by debris, leaves, or even a bird’s nest. One of the chimney contractor’s job is to clear and inspect the pathway to the outside.?? 


For those individuals who love wood-burning, you know how vital it is to inspect your chimney and fireplace if there’s any buildup of creosote, which is an extremely flammable material that can cause improper chimney venting. Once a certified chimney technician comes is the way, he/she will be using professional equipment to eliminate creosote from the flue lining. This is why it is really important to choose the right company for your home.?? 

Brickwork Issues 

If your chimney is neglected for a long time, it could crumble, lean, and totally collapse in no time. To make sure that the water will not be penetrated in your chimney system, it’s important to keep it maintained from time to time. One of the common repairs that the masonry experts do include tuckpointing, where they remove the damaged mortar. After being replaced with a new mortar, your chimney will get the protection and stability that it needs. Sometimes, brickwork tend to be damaged due to the moisture, needing it to be replaced. Of course, you can save way more money if you consider making repairs as soon as possible, such as brick veneer service, compared to completely replacing a collapsed chimney.